Company Culture


Powstar's?culture?of?"?Striving?for?Excellence"?makes?us?create?higher?quality?tools?than?competitors. We're?devoted?to?be?a?top?century?enterprise?with?high?reputation?in?China.?Our?passion?for?innovation,?cost-effectiveness,?quality,?and?on-time?delivery?is?the?foundation?for?our?success.?

Company Vision:

To be a global company and the sector leader in China, provide its own solutions; Customer-Oriented and Low Cost - High quality Products and Services.?

Company Mission:

We are going to increase the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees with innovative perspectives inspiring continuous improvement and including human and environment caring approach. We are going to operate in a global market, near by our customers by using "R&D" and "investment" capabilities and sustaining our competitiveness.

Company Quality Policy:

POWSTAR must meet the expectations of our customers and all applicable regulatory requirements, We work to continually improve ?the effectiveness of our quality system.

Dedicated Team:

Our simulation experts and engineers have over 10 years of experience,
We offer high salary, good opportunity and extra care to all employees, so that our staff is very stable.