Q1: Can?POWSTAR do home-line set up service?

A:?If?customer indeed needed,?POWSTAR can offer home-line set up service, our engineers will be sent there for trouble shooting and making adjustment .This requirement will be listed in the contract, all related expenses will be borne by the customer.

Q2:?What design software?POWSTAR used??

A: 3D Desing, UG 12.0; 2D Design, AutoCAD2014; CAE Analysis:AtuoForm R6; CMM Machine: Rational-DIMS 5.5;

Q3:?What auto parts do you cover with your tools?

A:?Our tools cover almost all automotive Body structural parts and Chassis structure parts. The biggest die we can produce is up to 6000 mm - Transfer die.

Auto Body structural parts Type:?

A pillar(Front pillar) , B pillar(Center Pillar) , C pillar(Rear Pillar), seat structure part, seat track, Seat Hinge, Brake structure part, Exhaust pipe, Bumper beam, Front Side Member, Cooling system element, Roof rail,?Rear light, All kinds of bracket.

Chassis structure parts:

Control Arm, Rear Beam, Bracket, Spring Seat, Front Sub-Frame Assemble, Rear Sub-Frame Assemble, Transmission supports, radiator support, structural support, stabilizer support, shock bracket 、etc.

Q4:?How is the proportion of the tools in different industry?

A:?70% for automotive; 30% other;

Q5:?What are the part materials of the tools you can make ? What is the thickness?

A: Part material range : Low Carbon Steel, High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA), Stainless Steel, Cold Roll Steel,Galvanized?Steel, High strength steel (DP780; DP980 ) etc,?Thickness range 0.5-6.0MM

Q6:?Can you help us to source material for tryouts in China or do you think it’s best for us to have material delivered from our plant?



Q7:?We have no import experiences or a department to handle the shipping, what do we need to get tools from Powstar?

A:?Do not worry. We have long - term cooperated strong shipping forwarders that will take care of the shipping and provide door to door service, tools will be shipped to your facility directly, no need to set up your own import or logistic department.

Q8:?How Powstar ensure Timing??

A:?Timing is always important! We 100% agree with this. According to our record, the on-time delivery rate is 95% while most delays were caused by design changes from end customers. A progress chart will be updated weekly and sent to customers. When this is any potential risk causing to delay found, we will put more manpower and equipment into your project to maintain the lead time. 24 hours / 7 days over time job is made occasionally for very urgent projects.?

Q9:?What is your Quality Policy ? How did you ensure the quality?

A:?Quality is a key factor for our success. We passed? ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality System. All employees are implementing work strictly in accordance with ISO standard, which is the foundation of our commitment to continuously improve our operation and become a leader in tool & die industry. For example: we have IQC, IPQC, OQC etc.?

IQC: ?All raw material must be inspected and recorded by QC personnel strictly according to our own standard of Product Inspection. Unqualified raw materials must be identified and rejected.

IPQC: In the production process self -inspection is carried out by the operators, IPQC personnel will conduct causal inspection and record according to own standard of Product Inspection. Each process has its self inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection personnel. Unqualified Product will be isolated and identified, improvement measures will be taken immediately before restart production.

OQC: Out going inspection is implemented by OQC personnel and recorded strictly according to our own Standard of Product Inspection.